Is AT&T Purposefully Slowing Down Your iPhone?

Feeling like your iPhone is way slower than it should be? Well, the United States government agrees with you and has sued AT&T for slowing down unlimited data plans up to 90% without informing its customers.
I happen to be one of the people grandfathered in with unlimited data on my Verizon iPhone and I love every minute of it. However, the Federal Trade Commission claims that million of AT&T customers who pay for unlimited data plans were slowed or throttled by up to a whopping 90%. Uncle Sam claims that web browsing and streaming of videos has become difficult or impossible to use. In the lawsuit, the FTC claims that AT&T has throttled bandwidth for at least 3.5 million customers who even use as little as 2 gigabytes of data a month. The FTC believes that “unlimited means unlimited”.
AT&T claims that it made its customers fully aware of the throttling back in 2011 and that they have been “completely transparent” with their customers. If you are on a AT&T phone, I hope you had enough bandwidth to read this article. I assume that there will be some kind of settlement reached for the benefit of the customers because fighting with the government wont be fun for AT&T.
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