Blue Jay Blues: Toronto Takes on Creighton University over Team Logo

Blue jays are not known as the most peaceful species of birds; they are known to be aggressive and territorial especially about their trademarks.  MLB’s Blue Jays and the Creighton University Bluejays have coexisted for years using the same mascot but when Creighton changed their logo to something that looks very similar to the MLB team’s logo, the bird battle was on.
bj-postSince the Toronto Blue Jays first came into existence in 1977, they have always used variations of a similar logo, a pretty mean looking Blue Jay.  Creighton University, based in Nebraska, is also called the Bluejays but has used a cartoonish style logo for many years.  You can see the old logo to the right.  However, last year the university changed its logo to a much more aggressive bird logo, one that reminds many of Toronto’s logo.  You can see the two logos below with Toronto’s on the right.
Toronto argues that the newly upgraded logo, when used in connection with the University’s goods, such as t-shirts and hats, causes confusion and makes the public believe that the two logos are affiliated and that such goods have their origin with the MLB team, when they do not.   The birds will peck this battle out in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board but no litigation has been filed…yet.