CBS Sets Phasers to Kill on “Star Trek” Trademarks

CBS has had a busy couple of weeks at the Trademark Office. So much for that Klingon holiday party. Over less than a month, CBS has opposed three trademarks related to Star Trek and we are going to break those down today.


In November 2017, an individual named Robert Walker filed an intent to use mark (meaning that at the time of filing the mark wasn’t yet in commerce but Walker had the good faith intent to use it in the future) for a broad range of goods to cover about anything you can image from music to books to video games. This can’t be a coincidence but Robert Walker is also the name of an actor that had a memorable role in the original Star Trek series as Charles ‘Charlie’ Evans, a 17-year-old adolescent and social misfit with psychic powers in the episode “Charlie X” which aired September 15, 1966.

On November 21, 2018 (yes, trademarks take a while to get through the process) CBS opposed the registration of the mark claiming it is way to0 similar to STAR TREK, which it is.


In September 2017, Domio Inc. filed a trademark registration application for BOLDY GO to cover a tourism related website. Get it, boldy go? CBS isn’t laughing either.

Last week, CBS opposed this trademark as well claiming that it is confusingly similar to its BOLDLY GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE trademark which is registered as well. This one is more tricky, so if you were looking to rent out some vacation space and saw BOLDLY GO on a website, would you automatically associate that with Star Trek. I am going to boldly state that most people wouldn’t. So this will be an interesting challenge.


A China-based company filed this mark to cover remote control toys and controllers. The in use sample that was used for the mark can be seen to the right. Looks pretty sophisticated.

Again, CBS opposed this mark saying that is was confusingly similar to its STAR TREK mark.

It remains to be seen how many of these three registrants chooses to fight CBS over the trademark. My guess is zero but the future will only tell.