Disney Owns the "May the Fourth Be With You" Trademark…For Everything

Happy Star Wars Day! Before you go and celebrate “May the Fourth be with You” day be careful what you do with the phrase because Disney has registered a trademark for about every kind of product you can imagine related to the slogan.
I am not sure how or when this even started but it did a few years ago. May the 4th, turned in to May the Fourth be With You and Star Wars day was born. On May 4, 2011, Lucasfilm filed for the first MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU trademark registration to cover educational speakers to discuss fictional characters and entertainment. This small trademark registration sparked the rebellion of many more classes of goods to come. In July 2014, three separate MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU registrations were filed by Disney.  These applications are still outstanding but cover a very large range of goods. As is the case with Star Wars, in the future you will get whatever knickknack you imagine emblazoned with the logo. So now let’s look at the alphabet of intended or existing goods with the mark:
A – Action Figures
B – Baseball Cards
C – Chaps (I hope not of the kinky kind)
D – Dresses
E – Ear Muffs
F – Flash Cards
G – Golf Balls
H – Hockey Pucks
I – Infantwear
J – Jigsaw Puzzles
K – Kites
L – Lingerie (See, chaps, I guess it is kinky)
M – Manipulative Games (I don’t think they mean games of the kind your ex played with you)
N – Notebooks
O – Overalls
P – Puppets
Q – (Finally tripped me up Disney, thanks)
R – Role Playing Games (Enough with this kinky stuff already)
S – Staplers
T – Tennis Rackets
U – Ungraduated Rules (Hopefully if they study harder, they will eventually graduate)
V – Very Nice Toy Banks (ok, a stretch by me)
W – Wind-Up Toys
X – X-Ray Machines (yeah, I made that one up)
Y – Yo-Yos
Z – Zip, Zero, Zilch (no Z’s)

Got pretty far on that list but all the above are honest to goodness products covered in the MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU TRADEMARK registrations. If these products aren’t out yet, they may be in the future, but don’t hold your breath for the x-ray machine. Have a happy Star Wars Day!