“Family Guy” Tweet Gets Marlon Wayans Sued for Discrimination

Wayans-TweetComparing an actor to Cleveland of Family Guy may have seemed funny at the time but it got comedian Marlon Wayans in a whole lot of trouble.  Pierre Daniel is suing Wayans for race discrimination, misappropriation of likeness and a whole bunch of other claims due to the tweet.
The 44 page complaint filed against Wayans isn’t the model of legal drafting but we will do our best to decipher the allegations.  Pierre Daniel worked as an actor on the upcoming movie, Haunted House 2….the complaint is not clear as to if Daniel is a star of the movie or a background actor.  During the filming of the movie, Wayans is alleged to have routinely leered, stared and rolled his eyes at Daniel and ridiculed Daniel for having an afro.   On September 4, 2013, Wayans posted a picture on Twitter stating that Daniel looks like Cleveland Brown from  Family Guy and the now cancelled spin-off, The Cleveland Show;  Wayans also used the n word in his tweet.  Daniel fought back by filing this lawsuit.
Daniel claims that Wayans and the movie company, by not stopping the conduct, discriminated against Daniel because he is African-American.  Daniel also claims his image was misappropriated as Wayans did not have permission to use Daniel’s likeness on Wayan’s Twitter feed and website.  Daniel claims that these actions have caused him to suffer emotional and mental distress, embarrassment, fright, shock, anxiety and pain and as a result Daniel needs medical care, X-rays and laboratory exams. Daniel seeks unspecified damages for his 13 causes of action related to this tweet.   Apparently words do hurt and in the case of this plaintiff, they hurt a lot.