Feel Free to Embed Even Copyright Infringing Videos in Europe

As first reported by TorrentFreak, the European Union Court of Justice (EUCOJ), Europe’s high court that interprets the law, has ruled that it is OK to embed YouTube videos on your website even if they are of copyrighted material.
The ruling occurred after BestWater, a water filtration company, sued two marketers who embedded one of their promo videos on a competitor’s website. In the suit they say that the defendants are guilty of copyright infringement for using their video for the commercial gain of one of their competitors.
The EUCOJ ruling said that since the video was already available on YouTube that it is ok to embed it on another site. It is protected because it is not a new communication or transmission of the video.
Some are concerned that this ruling will have broader implications for copyright holders including shielding streaming sites who use third-party services to embed videos of content that infringes copyrights.