Hershey Smokes Out Look-a-Like Marijuana Chocolate

If you didn’t buy your Hershey-inspired marijuana chocolate, you are too late.  Hershey and a marijuana dispensary have mellowed out a settled a lawsuit over knockoff Hershey inspired candy.
Back in June, Hershey filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a Colorado based marijuana dispensary by the name of TinctureBelle.  The lawsuit alleged that some products being sold by the dispensary were confusingly similar to Hershey’s iconic chocolate brands.  Some of the names of these products included  “Ganja Joy”, “Hasheath”, “Hashees”, and “Dabby Patty”.  You can see some of the products below.  Well the party is over for this defendant.
As part of a settlement, TinctureBelle has agreed to stop selling the products and stop using the name in the future.  The defendant also agreed to destroy all products with the infringing names.  Oh well, it was a fun trip while it lasted for this defendant.  No word if the defendant also had to pay Hershey some money to resolve this case but destroying those pot snacks is definitely going to cost the dispensary.