"Hillary for Prison" Bobblehead Leads to Lawsuit

Image of Hillary Bobblehead

Just when you thought it was safe to turn back on the tv, we have more election news. Similar looking Hillary Clinton bobbleheads, in a striped prison outfit and ball and chain, have lead to a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Bobbleheads.com is the maker of fine bobbleheads for all occasions. Bobbleheads.com claims that in 2015 it began selling the Hillary Clinton bobblehead, in full prison attire, that can be seen on the right in the image. This was way before the whole “Hillary for prison” term was uttered by Donald Trump.
The Wright Brothers, not the pilots, began selling a similar bobblehead recently. From looking at the two images, there is a lot in common down to the orange shirt and pearl necklace. Is this a coincidence? Probably not. Bobbleheads.com has commenced a lawsuit for copyright infringement claiming the two bobbleheads are substantially similar.
Of course, neither one of these bobbleheads are actually authorized by Hillary Clinton and they are using her likeness without permission. There is some latitude to rights of publicity for public figures such as politicians. I doubt Hillary would actually want to make an issue about it anyway. She has other things to worry about, like what she is going to do for the next four years. Zing.

Bobbleheads.com seeks damages, attorneys’ fees, and an injunction barring Wright Brothers from further distributing the allegedly infringing bobbleheads. There can’t be a lot of money at stake here so this should settlement quickly. Either way, let’s hope this lawsuit gets resolved before the next election.