ICANN Approves “.NYC” Domain Names

New York City is known for its pizza, bagels, “New Yawk” accents and now its own top level domain name. Yesterday, ICANN approved New York City’s application for a .nyc top-level domain.
Back in 2011, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) introduced its new gTLD program, which would allow applicants to seek registration for their own individualized top-level domains. As a result of the program, domain names will no longer be limited to the 22 gTLDs currently available, the most common being .com, .org, and .net. The application process began in 2012, and the City of New York jumped on the opportunity.
In order to utilize this new gTLD, New York City businesses and residents can apply for their own website through the city. In order to be considered, applicants must provide their NYC address or have a “bona fide presence” in the city. Applicants can show that they have a “bona fide presence” by proving that they maintain an office here or otherwise “regularly perform lawful activities,” such as doing business, in the city.  According to the city, applicants with valid trademarks and an address in NYC will be given first priority.
The city believes this new .nyc domain will allow New York City-based businesses to identify themselves and associate their businesses with the city. In addition, the process will provide another much needed source of revenue for the city in amounts estimated in the millions of dollars.