Lawsuit Against Pinterest Claims It Stole Ideas and Technology From Business Partner

Pinterest had a complaint pinned against it in June. Theodore Schroeder filed a lawsuit against Brian S. Cohen and the website in New York State Court claiming Schroeder came up with the concepts that eventually led to the popular website.
Pinterest first launched in 2010 and is essentially a virtual pin board which allows users to share content and images of almost anything you can imagine. For instance, Pinterest has become a playground for future brides looking for wedding ideas, recipe seekers and so much more. But Shroeder is anything but happy about the massive success of Pinterest. In 2005, Schroeder came up with, a website that allowed people to share their location with others.  Later on, Schroeder expanded the concept considerably to allow users to share a wider variety of information. In 2007, Schroeder solicited the help of Cohen to help market his concept. When the relationship went sour and Cohen left, Schroeder alleges that Cohen then presented the concept to another group of developers, which eventually led to the creation of Pinterest. The most prominent feature of Schroeder’s concept was the website’s ability to scroll down infinitely without having to click from page to page in order to view more content. Notably, this is also an identifying function of Pinterest. In his lawsuit, Schroeder’s claims include unjust enrichment, misappropriation and breach of fiduciary duty. In addition, Schroeder seeks over $1 million in compensatory damages.