NFL About to Tackle WWE's XFL?

Raise you hand if you remember the short-lived, XFL.  The WWE is trying to revive the trademark for the XFL but faces a tough opponent, the NFL.
Way back in 2001, the WWE (WWF at the time) threw its hat into the pro football business.  The league consisted of eight teams with such names as the NY/NJ Hitmen and the Orlando Rage.  The league was a huge success on its first night which saw a running back sporting the name “He Hate Me” on the back of his jersey.  The quality of the football was poor, to be kind, and the American public quickly grew disenchanted by the league and it folded after one season.  The XFL has long been seen as Vince McMahon’s biggest let down in business surpassing the failure of of the World Bodybuilding Federation (that really happened, look it up.)
Back in 2012, the WWE sought to register the XFL trademark in association with its wrestling entertainment services.  Not quite sure what the WWE has in mind but the NFL has something to say about it.  In September 2014, the mark was published for opposition and  last week the NFL requested more time to oppose the mark.  This is usually a precursor to an actual opposition.  The NFL will likely argue that the XFL mark is confusingly similar to that of the NF markL.  This well be a true battle of two sports titans and we will keep you updated.