Peter Fonda Sues Dolce & Gabbana over Sales of “Easy Rider” T-Shirt

It won’t be easy riding for Dolce & Gabbana after, Peter Fonda, star of the 1960’s movie “Easy Rider,” filed suit against D&G and Nordstrom over a t-shirt bearing an image from the iconic movie of Fonda riding a motorcycle.
In this case filed in California State court, Fonda says he never gave permission for his name, likeness or image to be used for commercial purposes. As such, Fonda claims that people will be fooled into thinking that he endorsed or is otherwise associated with the t-shirts.
As part of the suit, Fonda is seeking millions of dollars in compensatory damages for “injuries to his peace, happiness, feelings, goodwill, reputation, image, loss of fair market value of his services, and dilution of his current and future publicity value.” He also seeks punitive damages, attorneys’ fees and a share of the profits from sales of the t-shirt. The D&G t-shirts were sold in Nordstrom department stores for $295 each until they were pulled in response to this suit. Must have been a high quality t-shirt for that kind of money.
The founders of D&G, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, can add this to their list of ongoing legal problems. The two were recently convicted of tax evasion in Italy and sentenced to 20 months in jail. The sales of $295 t-shirts will hopefully offset the expense of legal fees.