"Amazing Spider-Man 2" Stuntman Claims He Was Assaulted During Filming for Being Too Old

After not receiving the best critical reviews, maybe someone should have tackled the director instead of a stuntman. A 63 year old stuntman has sued the makers of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for age discrimination claiming he was attacked while on set because of his age.
BJ Davis is one tough guy, that you can call him but don’t call him old. Davis got his start back in 1978 for the Battlestar Galactica television show and has been getting beat up in movies ever since. Davis once acted as Bruce Campbell’s stunt double in Army of Darkness and has numerous other credits as both a stuntman and stunt coordinator. Davis is even a member of the Hollywood Stuntman Hall of Fame (yes, that apparently exists) but Davis alleges that he wasn’t treated like a Hall of Famer on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Davis claims that while filming the movie he was constantly laughed at and insulted by other stunt performers for being too old to perform stunts. According to Davis, the stunt coordinator of the movie did nothing to stop the insults and neither did the movie production companies.
The attacks weren’t just verbal but apparently physical. Davis claims that, before the filming of a scene with people fleeing a grocery store, the stunt performers were told there would be no physical contact. The scene was filmed several times without physical contact between the stunt performers but on the last take, Davis was clothesline tackled on his blindside by another extra. The blow stunned Davis but did not knock him down. The other stuntman apologized but told Davis that he was ordered to do so by the movie’s stunt coordinator. Davis makes the claim that this attack was ordered because of his age and the stunt coordinator wanted him off the set. Davis continued to work for the next two days and then spoke with producers about medical treatment. Because of injuries to his shoulder, hand and teeth, Davis claims he has had to undergo several surgeries and has been forced to retire from stunt performances.
Davis is suing Sony Pictures, Marvel Enterprises and even the stunt coordinator. Davis claims he was discriminated against because of his age and that the movie’s producers and management did nothing to stop the wrongful conduct. Davis asserts 14 different causes of action related to the alleged attack and disparaging comments. Davis seeks damages, at the minimum, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Davis will need some real evidence to support these claims because it seems hard to prove that an attack was ordered on the stuntman because of his age. Davis is not pulling any punches here and is looking for some real blood out of the defendants.