Tara Reid Sues “Sharknado” Producers for $100 Million in Lost Merchandise Revenue

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I have no clue how the heck, and pray it cannot be true, that producers of the awful Syfy Sharknado series made this much money on merchandise but Tara Reid thinks so. Tara Reid has filed a lawsuit claiming her image was used without her permission in merchandise for Sharknado and wants, $100 million. I just want to be compensated for my time for having to sit through a couple of those movies.

I had one encounter in my life with Tara Reid. One that I would like to regret and I have a feeling I’m not the only one to feel this way after meeting her. I was taking a flight home from LA and our plane was delayed and grounded because of an unruly passenger. Two hours later the plane takes off after Ms. Reid was escorted from the flight after getting into a fight with the flight crew. You can read more about this at TMZ if you chose.

Image result for sharknado beerThere have been six, SIX, Sharknado movies with Tara Reid playing the role of April Wexler. She hasn’t won an Emmy yet but fingers crossed. Sometime in 2017, Syfy and the other producers of the movie, licensed the name and images of Sharknado to be used to manufacture slot machines and vide gambling products. A sample slot machine can be seen to the right and it does prominently feature the likeness of April Wexler. There is a clause in Tara Reid’s Sharknado contract that says her likeness cannot be used in gambling products or alcohol without prior written consent; which Reid claims that Syfy does not have. Further, Reid alleges that a Sharknado beer was produced without her permission as well.

Reid filed suit over these two products claiming they are using her likeness without permission and if everything that is in the Complaint is correct, she’s got a darn good point. Now damages, there is actually no proof that these two pieces of merchandise earned anywhere near $100 million. This is a number thrown out there for the sake of throwing out a number. As stated in the Complaint, “Plaintiffs are presently unaware of the exact amount of such revenue but estimate that it is several million dollars.” So where the $100 million dollar demand comes from is anyone’s guess. 

Assuming the facts as alleged are accurate, this is a slam dunk of a case for Reid and should lead to a rather quick settlement. But that’s a rather big assumption to make, I mean, she couldn’t figure out her seat on the flight from hell I was stuck on with her.