Top 5 Geek Law Stories of 2015

We finish off 2015 with a real bang, well that kind of exaggerates it but anyway.  We have already given you the top ten of counterfeit products for the holidays, pirated movies and pirated television shows. Continuing our top lists, today we present to you the top five geek law stories of the year. Why not ten, because that was way too much work as we practice counting backwards in preparation for tonight’s celebration.
Based upon your comments, emails, texts, phone calls, smoke signals…well really just based upon the number of hits per story, we proudly present the top five biggest geek law stories as seen here on Pirated Thoughts for 2015 plus updates on the stories.
5. $10 Million Copyright Lawsuit over “Cabin in the Woods” Dismissed
This cult favorite movie featuring Thor, before he was Thor, was a big success but made headlines this year. Exactly three years after the movie was released, the studios and people behind the movie were sued for copyright infringement. Plaintiff claimed the movie was a stolen from his own story about teens stuck in a cabin in the woods being stalked by evil forces. The case seemed week when it was filed and it was dismissed several months later. There has been no sequel to this lawsuit or the movie, yet.
4. “Game of War” Sues “Clone” “Empire Z” for $100 Million
In April we told you about this dispute over two games and the battle has gotten even bigger since. The company behind the successful Game of War app accused rival game, Empire Z, of being an unauthorized copycat and commenced a copyright infringement lawsuit. The makers of Empire Z fought back with a lawsuit of its own against Game of War claiming that it was their game that is actually the copycat. You can read the latest update on the battle here as the fight continues into 2016.
3. Winery Fights HBO’s “Game of Thrones” Beer Trademark
In this medieval battle, a California winery called Ravenswood opposed HBO’s attempt to register a trademark for THREE-EYED RAVEN in association with beer. Ravenswood claimed priority use of the word “raven” and images of ravens in association with alcoholic beverages before the three-eyed raven even appeared on Game of Thrones. Since publication of the article back in May, the parties filed a motion to suspend the proceedings while they work out a settlement. No word on what the terms will be but we shall see what happens with this application in the New Year.
spock-smoking2.  Star Trek Looks to Put the Neck Pinch on “Vulcan” E-Cigs
Set phasers to fun with this dispute. Last January, CBS, owners of the STAR TREK trademark sought extensions of time to oppose an e-cigarettes company’s attempt to register two trademarks for VULCAN; a common term but used in association with Star Trek’s race of pointy-eared aliens. CBS never filed its formal opposition to the marks so either the parties worked out a settlement or CBS walked away from the fight. The Trademark Office subsequently approved the mark and this trademark is on its way to registration.
Robins1. DC Comics Fights Rihanna’s Attempt to Trademark Her Name
Its not everyday that this silly blog makes it to the pages of the New York Post or about every geek news website around but this story from May did. DC Comics fought Rihanna’s attempt to register a trademark for her real name ROBYN claiming it was confusingly similar to its ROBIN trademark. The story went viral after being broken here and you can read some of those stories in the comments section for the original article. The proceedings have been suspended while the parties work out a settlement but one has still not yet been formalized.
Thanks for a great year and best to all in 2016!