Marvel Looks to Roundhouse Kick “Punisher” Karate Gear

Lawyers, put on your gis. Marvel has opposed a karate gear company’s attempt to register a trademark for PUNISHER ATTACK THE FINISH claiming that martial arts fans are bound to confuse it with Marvel’s PUNISHER mark.

Almost a year ago, Punisher, Inc. out of California filed a trademark registration application for PUNISHER ATTACK THE FINISH to cover martial arts uniforms, mainly gis. The in use sample can be seen to the right on a gi.(It’s the sash part on the right.) The website advertised in the in use example is down so not sure where you can purchase a Punisher gi for now.

Punisher, Inc. did not use an attorney to file the trademark registration application and that attorney would have surely told them that Marvel is very protective of the PUNISHER trademark.

According to Marvel, since 1974, the Punisher has been prowling the streets seeking his own form of justice. As described by Marvel: “Frank Castle, a former U.S. Marine proficient in basic infantry skills, special operations, and the use and maintenance of specialized firearms and explosive ordnance. Over the years, the PUNISHER Character has been identified as a vigilante who wages war on mobsters and criminals, often by using all manner of firearms and conventional war weaponry.” While not usually sporting a gi, the PUNISHER mark has become well associated with forms of combat and many people might associate the PUNISHER name on karate gear with the Marvel character.