New Batman Show "Gotham" Finds Biggest Enemy in Piracy

The Joker has nothing on Batman’s greatest villain, piracy.  The premiere episode of the Batman prequel is the most pirated new show of the Fall television season.
In the week following its debut according to reports, the pilot episode of Gotham was downloaded around the world some 1.33 million times.  This number dwarfs other pilot episodes of such shows as Madam Secretary and Scorpion, which had approximately 195,000 and 168,000 downloads respectively.  The new ABC show, Black-ish, is pulling up the rear with  approximately 45,000 downloads.  Surprisingly, over 177,000 of these downloads occurred in the United States where the show is being streamed on for free.
The big numbers for Gotham serve as evidence that Batman is a world-wide phenomenon but with free copies of the television show floating around so predominately, we will see how this affects the ratings of Fox’s airing of the Monday night show.