Have You Received a Letter from this Firm?

Image of Counterfeit Levis

Lee Law represents many brands and we protect and enforce the copyrights and trademarks of our clients. If you have received a letter from this firm, it is because our client has evidence that you are infringing its intellectual property. Please be aware that you are not being singled out or threatened in any way, the brands merely seek to resolve these disputes.

These letters should be taken seriously as they may be the first step before litigation is commenced. 

Please note the following:

The letter is not a scam. Our client has sufficient evidence and proof that you are infringing its intellectual property and seeks to resolve these matters through settlement and without the need for further action. You can see the other lawsuits this firm has filed against similar counterfeiters on this website.

Counterfeiting is a very serious crime. Many people may think there is no harm in selling a counterfeit product. This could not be further from the truth. Counterfeiting is tied to organized crime, child labor, and poses serious health risks to people. You can read more about the harms of counterfeiting here.

I didn’t know it was counterfeit” is not a defense. The law is very clear in cases on infringement. You can be held liable for infringement whether you knew a product was counterfeit or not. You can read more about this here.

Please respond in full to the requests. In order to resolve a client’s claims against you, the brand needs full cooperation with the demands set forth in its letter.

Do not destroy product. If you have counterfeit product still in your possession, do not destroy it as it may be evidence.

Please be respectful. There is no need to curse at, threaten, or hang up on representatives of this firm. We reach out to you to protect our clients and to resolve matters amicably.

Thank you for reading and hope this clarifies any issues that you may have.