Versace Sues Seller of Imitation Dinnerware

Your fine china may not be as fine as you originally thought. Versace has filed a new lawsuit against the distributors of knock-off china bearing imitations of Versace’s trademarks and copyrights.

If someone tries to sell you Versace china for $5, that might be a good sign that it is not real. Lee Law has filed a new lawsuit on behalf of the luxury goods company against Imperial Gift, Inc. and its owner, Farid Aminzadeh, over the sales of counterfeit dinnerware. You can see the knock-off product to the right and the price point would lead most to know that it is fake but not all. According to the Complaint, which can be found here, the defendants are selling their illicit goods on eBay, Wayfair, and other places on the Internet from their home base in Long Island, NY.

Versace seeks damages for the infringement and its attorneys’ fees.

Not only is the product fake but eating or drinking off of it may not be safe.