Versace Files Lawsuit Against Seller Caught Breaching Settlement Agreement

What’s worse than being caught breaking the law? Being caught breaking the law twice. Versace has filed a new lawsuit alleging that certain defendants were caught distributing trademark and copyright infringing dinnerware not only in violation of the law but in violation of a settlement agreement previously entered into by the parties.

According to a new lawsuit, which you can view here, Versace, the uber-luxury brand, has accused a website and eBay seller of selling knock-off merchandise bearing the famous Medusa trademark as can be seen to the right. As all alleged in the Complaint, back in 2021, Versace sent the seller a cease and desist letter demanding that such sales stop and the parties entered into a settlement agreement. But, the sales of the illicit product resumed and Versace was forced to bring the lawsuit.

Versace is suing for numerous claims including copyright and trademark infringement and breach of contract and seeks damages, costs, and injunctive relief. Infringement is bad but willful infringement leads to a higher award of damages.