Lee Law Files Numerous Lawsuits Against Counterfeit OtterBox / LifeProof Sellers on eBay

Image of Counterfeit Otterbox

This week, Lee Law filed numerous lawsuits against individuals caught selling counterfeit OtterBox and LifeProof cell phone cases on eBay. We will review some of these cases and discuss the reasons why these individual sellers were sued.


Re-Sale America LLC / Thomas Shultz / Bhoomeshwar Gone (eBay username: re-saleamerica) Lakeland, FL

The Complaint can be reviewed here. Re-Sale America is a large discount store located in Lakeland, FL that also sells on eBay. The company and its owners were warned about selling counterfeit LifeProof cases but continued to do so despite the warnings.


William Becque (eBay Username willibecqu_0) Carbondale, IL

The Complaint can be reviewed here. Mr. Becque was caught selling counterfeits and refused to provide details to a cease and desist letter but instead issued threats. When telephoned, Mr. Becque answered and then refused to say a word. This lack of cooperation is what lead to a lawsuit being filed against him. Addressing an email to an attorney as “bud” was probably not the way to go. You can see this email below.

The distribution of counterfeit products is a serious crime that not only hurts the brand but people who spend money on these luxury products only to find out they are fake. Be careful and only purchase from authorized seller. When a deal looks too good to be true, it is.