Michael Lee Speaking at ISC Conference about Brand Protection of the Dark Web

Michael Lee will be speaking on two panels and the Imaging Supplies Coalition 2016 Conference on Fraud and Counterfeiting held in San Diego, CA. The conference focuses on combating the widespread problem of counterfeiting related to the production of printers, toner cartridges and many other products in the printing industry. Michael’s panels can be seen below:

Brand Protection on the Dark Web

Think it is difficult protecting you brand on the internet? Welcome to the Wild Wild West of the internet, the Dark Web. With illegal activity in abundance on the Dark Web, it is not surprising that criminals have used clandestine marketplaces to sell counterfeit goods. Topics of conversation include: marketplaces on the Dark Web, how purchases are made, how to get items removed from sale, and how to locate counterfeiters. It is almost like the Dark Ages for brands on the Dark Web but this panel will try to shed some light on enforcement efforts.

September 19th at 11:00 am 

Brand Protection on the Internet

This interactive panel will explore a variety of topics fundamental to brand protection on the internet. 

September 19th at 1:15 pm